Duke Law Journal is proud to announce its Executive Board for Volume 65 (2015-2016).

Editor-in-Chief: Jyoti Jindal

Managing Editor: Ryan Weiss

Senior Research Editor: Stewart Day

Senior Articles Editor: Peter Letteney

Senior Notes Editor: Greg Gaught

Articles Editors: Erica Egenes, Michael Fishman, Anna Johns, and Tim Singer

Executive Editors: Michael Adamson, John Bailey, Scott O’Brien, and Russ Taylor

Notes Editors: Nicole Blumenkehl, Hunter Bruton, Robbie Hull, and Katherine Canning

Research Editors: Martin Horowitz, Dorothy Jenke, Katie Karges, Nick Kitzman, and Andrew Whitworth

Online Editors: Grant Hodges, Jackson Nye, and Alexis Reynolds

Special Projects Editor: Seth Lowinger