The Duke Law Journal is pleased to welcome its incoming class of 2L Staff Editors (2015–16). For more information, see the Duke Law Journal Masthead (PDF).

Nicole T. Amsler
Ridge M. Blanchard
Ryan C. Brunner
Rosemary L. Chandler
Glenn E. Chappell
Trevor A. Chenoweth
Leah Faith Colucci
Amelia A. DeGory
Ace M. Factor
Cory J. Fleming
Eleanor J. Geise
William F. Hawkins
Spencer S. Hughes
Andrew J. Husick
Patrick J. Jones
Alex Flynn Kasnetz
Amelia J. Krolak
J. Jordan Lamothe
Soo Lim
Andrew D. Lowdon
John W. Matthews
Zachary J. Newkirk
Anaïs Ning
Christina L. O’Tousa
Ashlee A. Paxton-Turner
Kathleen E. Perkins
Karim S. Pirani
Ryan P. Pitts
Elizabeth L. Plaster
Michael J. Pohl
Shawn M. Quinn
Paul G. Ream
Shanna Rifkin
Zachary C.D. Siegler
Meredith S. Simons
J. Tyler Sines
Michael P. Sweeney
J. Stephen Tagert
Brian M. Underwood Jr.
Jessica L. Waddle
Benjamin D. Wasserman

The Duke Law Journal would like to extend an additional welcome to two 3L editors who were recently invited to join the Journal as a result of their excellent scholarship. Their Notes will be published in the March and April 2016 issues, respectively.

Theodore D. Edwards
Lucas F. Tesoriero