Duke Law Journal is proud to announce the newly elected Executive Board for Volume 70:

Editor-in-Chief: Christian Bale
Managing Editor: Christine Mullen
Senior Articles Editor: Sam Speers
Senior Notes Editor: Catie Carberry
Senior Research Editor: Katie Lew
Senior Online Editor: Scotty Schenck
Executive Editors: John Hall, Brent McKnight, Emma Peplow, Kaitlin Phillips
Articles Editors: Rohit Asirvatham, Henry Gargan, Emma Kutteh, James Lavery, Jay Wolfe
Notes Editors: Danny Athenour, Mary Beth Dato, Maryam Kanna, Kaitlin Ray
Research Editors: Genesa Cefali, Lizzie Cochrane, Turner Collins, Kailen Malloy, Jamie Noel, Tara Weese
Online Editors: Reem Gerais, Lauren Smith
Special Projects Editor: Becki Thompson
Membership Editors: Elaine Nguyen, Gerardo Parraga