The Duke Law Journal is pleased to welcome its incoming class of 2L Staff Editors (2016–17). For more information, see the Duke Law Journal Masthead (PDF).

Laura E. Appelt
Megan Elaine Ault
Alex K. Auriti
Shelby L. Baird
Brian Barnes
Lindsay R. Baxter
Zachary N. Bernstein
Maria Borges
Patrick C. Bradley
Matthew R. Colin
Sara R. Faber
Zachary N. Ferguson
Abigail M. Frisch
Rebecca Gentilli John P. Hannon
Zachary J. Hennessee
Sam F. Hobbs
John W. Karol
Sam M. King
Kimberly L. Kooles
John A. Lightbourne
Hadrian (Haichuan) Luo
Zachary McHenry
Meaghan E. Newkirk
Edward A. Peck
Joshua Reich
Michael G. Schietzelt
Hannah K. Schmitz
Kyle A. Schwab Kyle T. Sieber
David Turner Sterngold
Curtis C. Strubinger
Sara K. Tabrizi
James K. Vincenti
Andrew R. Wagner
Payton A. Wells
Carolyn M. Wesnousky
Taylor R. West
David N. Whalen
Daniel Whiteley
Ryan J. Wichtowski
Jiazhen Yan

The Duke Law Journal would like to extend an additional welcome to two 3L editors who were recently invited to join the Journal as a result of their excellent scholarship. Their Notes will be published in the March and April 2017 issues, respectively.

Chase T. Harrington
Lauren F. Myers